in you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dash.

in order to buy these coins you have to first decide what payment method you want to use and methods are available.

we provide more that 50 payment methods including online payments, bank transfer, gift cards, cash deposit and ability to pay by other cryptocurrencies.

it’s up to creator of offer to accept a payment method. creator of offer can be a coin seller or coin buyer.

with buying coins from an offer you pay NO FEE. that’s why this way of buying coin is popular.

so stick with us, here is a guide on how to buy coins from an offer.

Step #1: login to your dashboard in



or create an account if you have not registered yet.

onlinecoinex register


Step #2: go to your email inbox and click on the activation link that we sent to you.

Step #3: this is required only for one time . you have create a wallet address by going to “Wallet” section and clicking on “Generate New Address” button.

generate a wallet


Step #4: under marketplace section click on Buy Coin



Step #5: find your desired Offer by filtering Payment method, amount and currency

find an offer


tips on finding your suitable offer:

  • only start trade with users who have been online recently. avoid traders that were last seen over a day ago. they may not be responsive!
  • evaluate users rating and don’t start a trade with suspicious or poor rated users.
  • pay attention to amount range, currency and price


Step #6: Click on BUY Button to check Offer terms and other important information

buy a coin


Step #7: if you agree with the offer terms, enter the amount that you want to buy in currency and hit BUY NOW!

this will redirect you to a new page, where you will see Seller Instruction on how to pay him/her.

chat and trade

it’s important that you pay before the timer finishes. otherwise the trade will be terminated and you have to start a new trade.


Step #8: after you paid the seller, take screen shots and inform the seller that you paid.

send screen shots to the seller by clicking on the little Image icon (beside of chat window) and then press on “Confirm Payment” button.


Important: if you don’t click on “Confirm Payment” button, seller won’t be able to release your coin. only if you truly paid the money to seller click on the button. this way seller gets a notification to releases the coin.


Congratulations! now you have your coin in your wallet. you can send it wherever you want or keep it in your dashboard to sell it later.


Notice that depending on the coin you want to buy, you can select Litecoin or Dash as well. so this guide is also applicable to other coins.


Have a Good trade 🙂