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Use of Services

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Fees and charges

  • We charge less fee for using our services
  • Where we are entitled to charge fees for one or more Services, you agree that those fees and any associated charges, applicable taxes, subscription periods and conditions are additional terms agreed between OnlineCoinEx and you.

Read fees and limits

Changes to Terms of Use

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  • You agree that the only way to send us notices or service of process is to do so by emailing

Members Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions will help the members sell/buy more with less risk involved.

  1. By creating a buy/sell order, you accept all risk involves in Digital Currencies.
  2. OnlineCoinEx charges users a low % fee for all escrow based and instant buy/sell trades.
  3. In case of any loss from fraud, OnlineCoinEx won’t reimburse. Also, our escrow base and instant buy/sell fee will not be refunded.
  4. Tax payment will be done by you.
  5. Negotiation is allowed if you chose it when you are creating your advert, Note: only the price is negotiated, the amount of coin to be released remain the same.
  6. Do not delay the trade. You must reply to customer on time. If you are not available, turn off your offers.
  7. Trades outside of OnlineCoinEx escrow are not allowed. You are allow to negotiate if your offer is negotiable. Also, exchange of external contact information through any means is not allowed.
  8. In the case of GiftCard Payment, You must redeem the gift cards before releasing the bitcoin. OnlineCoinEx won’t be responsible for such error if you don’t redeem gift card before you release bitcoins and buyer uses it before you.
  9. If any scam act is detected, use the Dispute option. simply open a dispute and wait for a moderator to intervene.
  10. Avoid creating multiple accounts within the same payment method category.
  11. You must not advertise your own website in any section on OnlineCoinEx such as profile, trade terms or trade chat where buying or selling is conducted